Ways of Giving Wisely

Outright Gifts

Did you know that using appreciated securities to make your gift delivers more tax benefits to you than using cash?
Use Appreciated Securities for Your Gift

Did you know that appreciated assets may bring more benefit to us than to you?
Use Appreciated Assets for Your Gift

Estate-Plan Gifts

Did you know that you can help guarantee our future financial strength - help ensure that we will continue to do the work that you support - without any effect on your assets during lifetime?
Include Us in Your Will or Revocable Trust

Did you know that your retirement plan will be taxed more than almost all other assets in your estate? We offer a wise alternative.
Make Us the Beneficiary of Your Retirement Plan

Did you know that you can turn surplus life insurance coverage into a charitable gift to Orange Coast College or create an endowment here from your income rather than principal?
Add Life Insurance to Your Giving Ability

Gifts in Partnership With Us

Did you know that you can give us your home and continue to live there, or sell it to us at a charitable discount?
Make a real estate gift in partnership with us.

Did you know that life-income gifts offer one of the most significant tax benefits that the IRS still provides to individuals? To learn more about how life-income gifts work, click here.

Charitable Gift Annuities
Charitable Remainder Trusts

Did you know that you can partner with us to deliver years of income to Orange Coast College and increase your estate for your children?

Charitable Lead Trusts